The Portland Parish Council is committed to and endorses the following:

  • Accountability - we believe that each individual must be held accountable for his or her actions.
  • Transparency - we believe that all transactions embarked on should be transparent
  • Efficiency - we believe that this should be the driving force behind all the councils operations
  • Volunteerism - we are committed to engage members in the communities to give back willingly to the community so as to improve existing conditions.
  • Tolerance - we believe that tolerance should be exercised when it is needed
  • Courtesy - we believe that this is important and should be a part of our customer service
  • Cohesiveness - we believe that this is an important factor that brings our team members together
  • Sustainability - we believe that our plans and programmes must have this important ingredient
  • Fairness - we believe that our customer should be treated fairly
  • Inclusion - As the local government on the ground we will strive to make the process of governance inclusive by engaging all stakeholders at the various levels.