Roads & Works Department

Roles and Responsibilities
The Roads and Works Department is the engineering arm of the Portland Municipal Corporation  that deals with all technical issues and has responsibility to facilitate and ensure the delivery of service to the general public as it pertains to the directives of the Corporation in the most effective, efficient, transparent and financially responsible means possible as guided by respective laws, legislation and policy directives.

Executing the Functions
The Corporation through the Road and Works department provides basic services for the general public within the parish to include but is not limited to the following activities;

  1. Maintenance of road infrastructure through the repairs of parochial roads, retaining structures, concrete ‘U’ and ‘V’ drains, curb and channels, bridges, foot bridges etc.
  2. Maintain council buildings/ properties (beaches, cemeteries, parks etc.)
  3. To supply clean potable water through the councils minor water supply system.
    • The Council is responsible for the repair and maintenance of its chlorination system and structures (22 operational sources), repairing broken and displaced water mains, cleaning and clearing of blocked entombments and water catchment areas.
    • Ensuring/ satisfying the minimum water quality  standards set out by the Ministry of Health
    • Trucking of water to drought stricken areas within the parish.
  4. Provides recommendations to the Corporation  through technical support.
    • Recommend conditions on subdivision and building applications for approval.
    • Provide recommendations to committees of Council

Laws Governing the functions

  1. Building Act
  2. Land Surveyors Act
  3. Litter Act
  4. Local Improvements Act
  5. Natural Resource Conservation Act
  6. Parish Council Act
  7. Parish Council Buildings Act
  8. Parochial Markets Act
  9. Places of Amusement Act
  10. Pound Act
  11. Public Cemetery Management Act
  12. Public Health Act
  13. Registration of Titles Act
  14. Town and Communities Act
  15. Town and Country Planning Act
  16. Water Supply Act
  17. Town Nuisances Prevention Act
  18. Parochial Roads Act
  19. Building Code
  20. Control of Advertisement Regulations
  21. Development Order
  22. National Land Policy
  23. National Physical Plan
  24. Preservation of Trees Regulations