Chief Executive Officer

Jennifer Brown Cunningham BSc
Actg Chief Executive Officer

The Chief Executive Officer is responsible for the implementation of plans, policies and programmes of the Corporation  and the sustainable development of the parish.The Chief Executive Officer provides leadership to the staff management team and coordinates the administrative functions of the Corporation .
Nicole Condappa BSc
Director of Planning

The Director is responsible for integrated planning, sustainable management planning, conservation and protection of Jamaica’s scarce land resources. The individual is also responsible for the development; control and facilitation of a less bureaucratic approval process as well the formulation of the Corporation Corporate Plan.
Marvalyn  Pitter 
Director of Administration
The Director is responsible for managing the general administrative functions within the Corporation, ensuring that the general administrative entities provide efficient and effective support services for the operational areas of the Corporation. Responsible also for all staff related matters.
Maxine Spieght BSc
Actg Chief financial Officer  
The Chief financial Officer  is responsible for directing, monitoring and controlling the financial and accounting operations of the Corporation , and for the designing, implementing and reviewing on a continuous basis, financial accounting and reporting systems.
Denise Lewis BSc, JP
Disaster Co-ordinator   

The Disaster Coordinator has the responsibility for disaster management and mitigation services throughout the parish.
Wayne  Michelle BSc
Chief Engineering Officer             
The Chief Engineering Officer is responsible for the administration of technical services of the Corporation  and the parish. The individual is responsible for the construction and maintenance of structures inclusive of roads and water supplies, enforcement of laws relating to development within the parish.
Carlene Harvey-King  
Inspector of Poor     
The Inspector of Poor is responsible for the administration of Poor Relief services in the parish. The individual is responsible for ensuring the poor and destitute receive basic care in accordance with the Poor Relief Act.
Maxine Speight BSc
Internal Audit

The Internal Auditor is responsible for ensuring that the policies and procedures are executed in accordance with the various regulations governing the public service.
Janet Golaub RN

The matron is responsible for the operations at the Infirmary within the parish. She also has full responsibility for the well-being of the residents within her care.