Poor Relief

Persons entitled to relief 

  • Residents of the parish in which application for relief is made;
  • Wholly destitute of the means of subsistence;
  • Unable to work and earn due to mental or physical causes or both;
  • In need of temporary relief due to drought, flood, fire or epidemic disease or other disaster;
  • Anyone in or out of the parish with emergency needs that can be met by the Department (This assistance is usually refundable).

Types of assistance available
Institutional Care
Is given to persons unable to care for themselves and have no one to assist them. These persons are considered Ward of the State and benefits received include residential accommodation, meals, counselling, nursing, medical and dental care and burial expenses. 

Non-institutional Care
This is given to persons who are able to care for themselves at homes or have others to help them do so. Assistance given includes monetary assistance in the form of a monthly dole, food supply, clothing, bedding, housing repairs and provision of sanitary conveniences, medical assistance, transportation to and from hospital, educational assistance for dependents, funeral expenses, counselling.

Laws governing the department

  • FAA Act
  • Poor Relief Act
  • Management of Infirmaries Act
  • Parish Council (Unified Service) Act