Portland Parish Council

The Council of a Local Authority is the supreme policy and decision-making body. The Council is governs by laws and regulations and is mandated to exercise all powers, responsibilities, duties and obligations granted to or imposed upon. The Council is the vehicle through which the Local Authority acts and discharges all functions, powers and responsibilities that are entrusted to it.
The Council is guided by the Parish Council Act of 1901, Parochial Act and Financial Act of 1981; The Act gives the Council the powers and rights to enforce several laws. Therefore, the Councils act as regulator, facilitator, and service provided also, effecting local governance in the parish for its citizenry.
The Council comprises of two (2) arms; the administrative and the political arm. The Administrative arm is headed by the Secretary / Manager along with core management team and support staffs who are responsible for the day to day operation of the Council.  The Secretary / Manager is responsible for all decisions and actions of Council and has a staff complement of approximately One Hundred and Sixty Five (165).
The Political arm consists of nine (9) councillors representing divisions within the parish. This arm is headed by the mayor who is a Councillor and also the Chairman of the Council.  This arm is responsible for developing broad policies within the Council and representing their divisions at council by bringing to the fore the varying issues impacting on the lives of the citizens of Portland.
The Portland Parish Council is the place for all Jamaican and the wider diaspora to conduct business.