Council’s Act which forms part of the department’s thrust.
In addition, there are several laws that govern the department namely:-

  • Access to Information Act
  • Corruption and Prevention Act
  • Staff Order
  • Pension and Parochial Act
  • Public Service Regulation
  • The Labour Relations and Industrial Dispute Act
  • Financial and Administration Audit Act

Employment Termination and Redundancy Payment ActAlso its main role is to ensure that all departments are fully staffed with the skills and knowledge required to carry out the requisite functions of the department. 

And that the required tools / resources are provided to execute the functions in order to achieve the Council’s mandate and to ensure the smooth functioning of the Council.

Laws governing the department

  1. The Public Service Regulation of 1961;
  2. The Pensions Act;
  3. Access to Information Act;
  4. Parish Council’s Act;
  5. The Corruption & Prevention Act;
  6. The Labour Relations & Industrial Dispute Act of 1975;
  7. The Employment Termination & Redundancy Payment Act;
  8. Financial & Administration Audit Act;
  9. Staff Order for the Public Service 2004.