Chief Executive Officer


Commendation should be extended to the Ministry of Local Government and Community Development (MLGCD) under the Local Government reform agenda, for conceptualizing and implementing this website.
Through this website, Corporation intends to build and continue its efforts to communicate effectively with the citizenry of the parish and familiarize the public with the services and opportunities provided by the Portland Municipal Corporation .

The value of easy access and availability of timely and relevant information could not be overemphasized. In this age of rapid technological transformation, even our Local Government needs to be an active member of the global community in various modes such as alliance, networking and partnership if not by simply reaching out with other communities and entities for joint undertakings on service delivery and overall local governance.
The Corporation  welcomes the members of the public to explore and view all contents of this web-site as their input will be important in the day to day affairs of the Corporation. We welcome constructive criticism and positive contribution on how to improve on our service delivery.

May you enjoy surfing through the Portland Municipal Corporation  website.

"Do what I can for everyone but don’t expect anything from anyone.  Heed my request to God and live a Godly life and he will take care of me."

Fay Neufville JP 
Chief Executive Officer 
Portland Municipal Corporation