The Rio Grande Valley

The Rio Grande Valley: Coming from an elevation of 3,000 feet in the Blue Mountains the Rio Grande River and its main tributaries the Back and Stony Rivers have carved a gorge between that range and the John Crow Mountains. Mainly banana fields crowd its banks.

The valley has vast potential for eco-tourism. There are many hiking trails which lead to places like Scatter Waterfalls, Fox's Caves, Moore Town, Nanny Town and Corn Puss Gap. Visitors should use guides. At specific times of the year the large swallowtail butterfly, the largest in the western hemisphere can be spotted in some of these areas.

Rafting on the Rio Grande from Berrydale to Rafters' Rest is a favourite recreational activity for locals and tourists alike. The scenic trip takes two and a half hours. Rafting first developed as a means of transportation on the river as the rapids prevented the use of boats. Raftsmen spend many years as apprentices.