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Service Current Rate $
Schedule of Building Fees
Single Residential per sq. m. 150.00
Multi Residential sq. m. 250.00
Commercial Structure
Shop per sq. m. 250.00
Office per sq. m. 250.00
Hotel per sq. m. 250.00
Gueset house sq. m. 250.00
Warehouse per sq. m. 250.00
Cinema per sq. m. 250.00
Other Structures
School per sq. m. 200.00
Church per sq. m. 200.00
Hospital per sq. m. 200.00
Day Care per sq. m. 200.00
Petrol Filling Station per sq. m. 230.00
Temporary 1/2 rate of Permanent Structure
Other buildings per sq. m. 230.00
Charge of Site Visits
Inspection sq. m. 1,350.00
Additional Visits sq. m. 3,000.00
Revalidation & Amendment of Plan Commercial sq. m. 4,000.00
Copy of building Permit & Conditions 2,000.00
Appeals 5,000.00
Research 3,000.00
Cell Sites 100,000.00
Letters  1,500.00